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    so I lost my wallet today with literally everything I need to srvive in it. everything. I can’t get to work or eat or anything. I am desperate to survive. this is bare bones survival. I am homeless and this is the biggest blow dealt to me in a…


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  2. yearsoflivingdangerously:

    This comic was produced in partnership by Years of Living Dangerously and Symbolia Magazine. For more amazing real life comics, get Symbolia on your iPad or via PDF. And for more information on the biggest story of our time - check out YEARS.

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  3. What’s it like to work alongside so many other women of color?

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  5. Favorite Movies: Rent (2005)

    “Measure your life in love.”

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  7. icze4r:

    oh god why is this so good

    OK, let’s try this again with artist credit.

    All of these were drawn by pickupmypencil (who HOLY SHIT is an amazing artist), with the exception of First and Last (drawn by fortheloveofpizza) and Xena Says No (drawn by dashyice).

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  8. yourpersonalcheerleader:

    You are not a burden.

    You are not a bother.

    You enhance the lives of others.

    People smile, not groan, when you text them.

    Your voice.

    Your presence.

    You, matter.

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  9. burntlikethesun:

    endless list of favourite characters: Josephine “Jo” Grant

    "Look, I’ll be quiet as a… do they have mice in Atlantis? Well, that’s what I’ll be as quiet as. An Atlantean mouse, okay?"

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  10. crystalfy:

    It bothers me that the intelligence of animals is measured by how willing they are to obey the commands of a human.

    same goes for students at schools

    I just realized how fucked up that is wow. 

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  11. Anonymous asked:
    why do you draw xena's skin so dark


    Thanks for your vaguely racist ask! I get this question every once and a while and it’s about time I finally answer: for various reasons

    • Xena is from ancient Greece. Believe it or not, the ancient Greeks (and modern day Greeks) were(are) not the super pale people that your history books written by white guys would lead you to believe (crazy I know). Grecian skin was (is) generally olive tone (not white), though many people in Greek territories ranged from fair to pretty darn brown, buddy.
    • Xena is a warrior who spends most all of her life outside, where the sun is!
    • Lucy Lawless may have portrayed Xena in the TV series, but she is not actually the character Xena. Shes an actress. In the beginning of the show her skin was much darker than it was as the show progressed. Could be because that’s just her and she just got less sun, or because, you know- Hollywood.
    • Although is Xena drawn differently by every artist who has ever drawn her, most comic artists (and artists like me who just like to draw Xena for funsies) give her a tanned olive complexion.
    • I am a person of color! My skin tone is around the same tone I make hers. Guess it’s “so dark” of me, but I, along with many other people of color, really really dig when our heroes look more like us! Representation is important anon, it’s the 21st century and whitewashing is gross. In fact, the upcoming Hercules (probably the most famous of Greek heroes) movie is staring a man of color! (love you, D.J.) It’s gonna be the most realistic portrayal of Hercules to date. Go see it! I know I am


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  12. nayyonaise:

Havent drawn Xena in forEVER. and no this isn’t posted on the wrong blog. I wanted another Xena drawing to put on my wall in my new room.


    Havent drawn Xena in forEVER. and no this isn’t posted on the wrong blog. I wanted another Xena drawing to put on my wall in my new room.


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  13. I feel this

    I feel this

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  14. roosterqueer:




    Don’t / Pass

    A photography series outlining the trivial nature of gender expression and perceptions for ftm transgender individuals in a western cisnormative environment

    I just want to mention that many trans people find Mtf/FtM transphobic, as it suggests that they began as girls/boys and then became boys/girls. (And it manages to erase nb identities)

    It is completely okay if you feel comfortable using MtF/FtM to describe yourself, but for people who aren’t trans, do not use this. Use AFAB/AMAB.

    Okay? Okay!


    if trans folk want to use axab to describe themselves then fair play, but I’m getting real sick of this thing where we lump trans people into two categories, as determined their birth assignment. It’s STILL transphobic to gender someone by their designation at birth.

    One, I am trans so dont police my language lol

    And two, I’ve specifically used that phrasing because the act of passing is literally transitioning from being read as ‘female’ to ‘male’ in a cis persons eyes.

    The terminology of ftmand mtf is not appropriate 100% of the time but if you could actually read into the cultural connotations of my work for two secomds you would respect my choice of description thank.

    I wasn’t referring to your comment, I was referring to the one below yours (cardozzza’s). I made it perfectly clear that trans people can identify themselves however we want.

    But sure dismiss me with ableist language hidden in the tags and passive aggressive comments


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